Apr. 27, 2015

About This "Fast Track" Trade Deal

By Marc Platt

I would never pretend to know more than experts like Elizabeth Warren or our President when it comes to any area of the government, but when something smells bad, my nose works just fine.

I am liberal-minded when it comes to politics, but not on everything. 

I agree with most Republicans when it comes to trade and opening up channels for trade deals in the Asian markets. This is an area President Obama and the Republicans are in agreement. This should NOT be a partisan issue. Economics in an ever-changing world is an issue in the United States BECAUSE of the states and their geography.

A U.S. Senator like Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) has to walk a very narrow line because the people of his state are used to an "Old School" economy based on factory jobs and unions that protect those workers.

The unfortunate reality of progress is the fact that many factories and union jobs have disappeared because the way the economy has shifted and automation has replaced many of those once-sacredly held jobs that would be passed down from generation-to-generation.

Massachussets Senator Elizabeth Warren, the most liberal-minded Democratic U.S. Senator of all of them has foolishly decided to take on the leader of her party and the man who "Fast Tracked" her ascendency in the U.S. political landscape.

President Obama is a shrewd educator and has a platform to explain how and why he thinks it is important to move our country into the 21st century, despite the fact that many elected representatives are howling at him because they have to let their folks in their states that they "Have their backs."

America really needs to get real on this. We MUST join the worldwide economy and start doing business like they have been doing.

Just how many Ford and Chevy cars do you think are on the streets of Tokyo right now? That's right. We have a zillion Japanese cars parading through U.S. city streets and if there are 10 U.S.-made cars in Japan, I would be shocked.

This is not right. Let the professionals (President Obama and his people) do their jobs and bring us into the 21st century so we can compete and truly be "Exceptional." We talk about "Exceptionalism," yet are far from it in reality. Sure we have an incredible military force, but that makes us powerful, not exceptional.

Elizabeth Warren should be ashamed of herself for FUNDRAISING off of this situation. She got into a pissing match with Obama and sent fundraising emails to left-leaning citizens. This is the same crappy behavior Republicans use when they scream about how President Obama does things like the Affordable Care Act, which has now added millions of people to the "Health Care" club who previously didn't have what should be available to all.

Ms. Warren please stop acting like every other Washington politician and educate yourself on the reality of where America is really at. President Obama is not a perfect man, but he seems to want to help ALL Americans and you are sounding more like the enemy every day and not the bright, educated liberal you claim to be.