May. 22, 2015

Emails: Hillary Clinton Got Over on You All Once Again

"Emails: Hillary Clinton Got Over On You All Once Again"
By Marc Platt
May 22, 2015

Why is the media and The Republicans so caught up in Hillary Clinton's emails?

Because they are collectively stupid.

Can't you see that she and her campaign staff are GIDDY over the fact that this is a "Scandal?" You are all so caught up in the process that you are losing track of the fact that the Republican candidates are so inept at answering simple questions about "The Iraq War" and the people who lied us into that disaster and that you are focused on anything Clinton may or may not have discussed while at the State Department. 

Hillary Clinton WANTS you to focus on stupid stuff like this. The American public decided a long time ago whether she is a viable candidate for President of The United States. There is NOTHING that can/will come out in the next year or so that will change her status as a candidate.

Sure you can damage her in the polls at times, but people decided a long time ago whether she is fit for this office.

The press is being taken for a ride that they gladly go along with, due to the fact they have nothing else to do for a year. This reminds me of the famous James Cagney line "You got nothing on me, coppers."

Even when the GOP goes through the emails as they are released, there is so little material for them to use to destroy Hillary Clinton. Every time I see a story on CNN, MSNBC or Fox News about Hillary Clinton's "Email Scandal," I laugh out loud.

You got nothing Coppers. Do your jobs and find some real scandals.

The REAL scandal by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama was their failure to hold George W. Bush, Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld accountable for the deaths of 4500 America's young men and women and hundreds of thousands Iraqis in a war that was a lie. That is the real scandal of this century.