May. 27, 2015

Do They KNOW WHAT They Are Running For?

By Marc Platt
May 27, 2015

They call it the "GOP Clown Car." 

This is a serious business for serious people. The U.S. President is The President of ALL the people, not just the base of their particular party.

The United States is a large country with a diverse people ethnically, politically and culturally. There are immigrants coming in and out of the country all the time. There is a crisis to deal with daily. Presidents cannot just ignore issues that come up around the world. 

Presidents have to deal with Congress. Dealing with that body is always difficult because half of the body hates everything you stand for and has lobbyists lining their pockets with cash and other goodies to protect THEIR interests.

The United States has been in a perpetual state of war since its inception. There have been 17 years of peace in the 239 years the United States has been a country. That's right, we have been in some sort of conflict for 222 years. War is our country's business and we have a "Military Industrial Complex" that supports those wars.

President Obama has stated that this conflict against ISIS will take many years to sort out.

The question I ask you is....

Out of this huge group of Republican candidates, do you really trust any of them to do the right thing? 

We hear big blustering statements of bombing some of these countries like Iran into submission because they can "Never trust them."

Isn't America tired of always putting its young men and women in harm's way? 

If Obama or the next American President WERE to put boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria, how long would it take for ISIS to capture some of these "best and brightest" soldiers and cut their heads off. This conflict has been going on for centuries and will continue WITH or WITHOUT the United States always being the watchdog.

If the next U.S. President was named Walker, Christie, Carson, Rubio, Cruz, Bush, Santorum, Huckabee, Perry, Jindal, Paul, Fiorina or Trump, I know I would have a difficult time sleeping at night.

President Obama is not perfect, but I at least feel like he is looking out after all of us. Whether you lean right, left or center, please ask yourself some impoortant questions when handicapping this 2016 horse race.

Ask yourself if YOUR candidate is capable of "GOVERNING" an entire country and dealing with leaders in countries who think vastly different thought patterns than we do. Barack Obama has to talk to leaders daily who do not believe the same things he does about liberty and human rights.

We condemn those countries. Obama has to rub shoulders with these men and women and do what is best for everyone. 

Do you really think George W. Bush thought it out when he went into Iraq? If he did, why is he ashamed to rarely come out of his seclusion. Every other living U.S. President has been able to come and go as they please. W's own father jumps out of planes.

George W. Bush has been disgraced by his actions. Dick Cheney is an asshole who pretty much only goes on Fox News to try and CEMENT his legacy as a war monger.

I won't even get into the economy and domestic issues. More on that later. I'm not even advocating for Hillary or Bernie here. I just want you to think about the seriousness of what is in front of us as a country and what the next President actually has to deal with and do for us.