Jun. 14, 2015

The Mainstream Media v. 2016 Presidential Election Cycle

Commentary by
Marc Platt
June 13, 2015

Houston (And America), we have a problem here...

There is a long way to go until that election on the first Tuesday in November of 2016. 

The Beltway Press and the rest of the press and media outlets will play even more of a role than many recent cycles when it comes to choosing the 45th United States President.

We all know there is going to be even MORE money in this election cycle, which will prompt super pacs far and wide to vilify their oposition even more than George W. Bush's "Swiftboating" of John Kerry in 2004. Karl Rove was able to get some of Kerry's former Vietnam acquaintences to denigrate his service to our country as a war veteran. Many people say that was the determining factor that got Bush over the hump in that cycle.

There is a big difference from 11 years ago that may play out in a more-important way in this cycle. There are many more ways that Americans (especially younger Americans) get their information and "Opinions" than 2004.

Social Media has changed the equation and there are so many more ways to get a candidate's message out there. 

Here is a case study and an angle for you to look at regarding Hillary Clinton's recent poll numbers and why they should be completely disregarded. Clinton is underwater in her "Trustworthy" numbers because of a concerted effort by the media and the oposition to play up her involvement in her husband's Clinton Global Initiative organization and her possible quid pro quo when she was Secretatry of State. The GOP has linked this "Suspicion" to her usage of a personal email server, stating that she is hiding "things" from the world about those issues and her involvement in the already litigated "Benghazi" episode in which congressional committees have already cleared Clinton and the Obama administration.

Okay. Allow me to offer you some of my perspective on what this all means. Nothing, absolutely nothing. 

The ONLY people paying any attention to any of this are already likely comitted FOR or AGAINST Mrs. Clinton anyway. The voters Secretary Clinton is interested in are in hiding. They are deep in the woodwork right now and we won't see them until the summer of 2016.

The "MAINSTREAM" media is a non-stop relentless high-powered engine that rolls on and on 24/7. The voters in 2016 are going about their lives who may or may not read and/or listen to stories about stuff they don't care about or even understand.

You either like someone or you don't.

People "LIKED" the approachable George W. Bush as a person. They didn't love Kerry, McCain or Romney.

The Republican field for President has a voter base of people who:

1. Watch conventional Television.
2. Reside in rural and southern states and certain midwest states.
3. Are mostly conservative white voters who are older.
4. Are willing to vote against their own financial interests for ideological reasons.
5. Vote the same way their parents have voted for generations.

The Democratic field for President has a voter base of people who:

1. Are mostly registered as Democrats or Independents and far outnumber the Republican voters.
2. Have a growing base of minorities, women and unhappily disenfrachised voters who are willing to stand in long lines to vote for the candidate of their choice.
3. Get their information from MANY different outlets including TV, The Internet and many other social media outlets.
5. May be first generation Americans who vote with their heads to protect their interests on social issues like Choice, Immigration, Voting Rights and their Financial Well Being.

It is very important to realize that the math is very much in Hillary Clinton's favor. You may or may not like the Clintons, but her middle-of-the-road approach will likely resonate with most voters more than the extreme views any GOP nominee will be forced to take due to their terrible primary process.

The Tea Party has turned out to be the worst possible development to Republicans when it comes to a national election.

The "Mainstream" media's job is to report what is going on even if they know Hillary Clinton's email server will end up being a non issue in 2016. The media is stuck in their own 24/7 News Cycle and the needs of their outlets to sell advertising.

The startling amounts of money the Republicans will spend will once again be wasted. The Clinton/Obama Election team knows how to spend THEIR money more effectively using math and the U.S. Census numbers to dissect the electorate and effectively go after those voters just like President Obama did in 2012.

This election will come down to how that money is spent and the effective usage of the media and commercial spots and where those spots run. I suspect the Republicans will bombard the airwaves with negative ads that will be watched by the same voters who are already likely to vote for their candidate. The Democrats use Twitter, Merkat, Instagram, Snapchat and any other emerging technology to get their message out.

In 2016 I believe the "Mainstream" Media will end up losing out to the newer information outlets and elect Hillary Clinton as the 45th U.S. president.