Jun. 26, 2015

THIS is What Winning Looks Like!

By Marc Platt
June 26, 2015

President Obama made a very interesting observation in his WTF Podcast interview with Marc Maron (June 19, 2015). Obama pointed out that he, as President, cannot try to move the country too quickly. He has done it incrementally. This has been the KEY to his entire Presidency.

Look where the United States was in January, 2009 when he took office...The country headed towards a complete financial collapse. General Motors was in serious trouble and his administration took extraordinary steps to bail that company out and they are now thriving and a lot of manufacturing jobs were saved.

The Bush administration did little if anything about the Credit Swap Derivatives and Fanny May and Freddie Mac (housing) except to let Wall Street run rampant to our citizen's detriment. President Obama had to deal with that and put a hault to the careless self-serving business interests, but to his credit, most of the maneuuvering was done without fanfare behind the scenes.

The Bush administration also did little if nothing to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice, instead misleading our country into a war in Iraq under the guise of 9/11. Obama had the intelligence community track Bin Laden down and bring THAT episode to a gruesome end.

President Obama also quietly changed the way we fight wars. We don't send hundreds of thousands of young men and woman to fight in foreign lands...We send unmanned drones to do the dirty work now. Obama has continued that policy from George W. Bush's days and expanded it in a huge way. That is definitely an incremental change without a lot of bravado.

Gay Marriage was an issue Barack Obama did NOT originally embrace, being a Christian. Vice President Biden helped change his mind on that issue and Obama then embraced it and the country took his lead and it is now the law of the land. This is now an incremental change that was a long time coming.

The Affordable Care Act was originally a Republican idea fully embraced by The Heritage Foundation. Once Obama embraced THAT concept and began to use his political capitol (having a Democratic Congress to work with) to shove that legislation through in a hasty manner in 2009/10. This was a not-so-incremental change as it has polarized the country because the GOP went the other direction. Congress has repeatedly tried to repeal the ACA.

After years of battle by the right-leaning legislators, the United States Supreme Court finally came down on the administration's side and The Affordable Care Act is not going to be a permanent fixture.

The final point I would like to make is about Trade. Most Presidents have had a similar take on how the country makes trade agreements with other countries. The Senators and Congresspeople are almost always caught in a political bind as their constituents have lost countless manufacturing jobs because the big companies have sent those jobs overseas for LESS money. President Obama has repeatedly said he wants to bring America into the competitive 21st century with "NEW WAYS" to make a living with "NEW TECHNOLOGY."

This is incremental change that will far outlive Obama's administration. His legacy has been cemented mostly because of Preident Obama's resolve to do what is best for all of America, despite the Political Polls. This is the key. Obama's use of history as his guide will cement his legacy along with United States Presidents like Lincoln, FDR and JFK. 

President Obama's legacy has been about WINNING from day one and the citizens of America now have better Health Care, Less Wars, 21st Century Trade Possibilities and an Economy with dropping Unemployment Numbers.

He has had to do it in a climate of 24-hour newscycle and as the first African American U.S. President with half of the country dealing with rising racial tension.