Jul. 17, 2015

Why Jeb Loves The Donald

"Why Jeb Loves The Donald"
By Marc Platt

I purposely waited to write anything about the "Candidacy" of Billionaire/Real Estate/Reality Show Host Donald J. Trump to get an accurate assessment of what it all means. 

It means we are headed for a Clinton-Bush general election in November of 2016. That is something I first wrote about in March, 2013 when I wrote my "Why Jeb Bush Will Not Be The Guy" blog piece. I still believe he will not be the guy, because Hillary will likely be the woman who wins the big prize at the end.

Donald Trump is a "Player" in the GOP mess that this Presidential season has become. The more attention Trump gets, the less everyone else gets. This is killing hopes of candidates like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Huckabee, Cruz, Carson and everyone else who lacks the funds Jeb Bush has been amassing.

The more The Donald calls Jeb "Stupid," the more people focus on Jeb and Donald. Everyone else gets short shrift.

Here is why The Donald WON'T be the guy...His negatives are terrible, which means serious voters would never vote for a guy who acts like a circus clown. I truly believe he has struck a nerve in the "Archie Bunker" wing of the GOP and could continue to thrive in the national polls, but that means nothing to Democrats and Independents who KNOW what has been going on in the country. 

There are millions of people who are HAPPY with Obamacare and many other issues like LGBT, Minimum Wage Increases and the current administration's handling of a dicey foreign threat like ISIS. Those people pretty much keep to themselves and the media rarely promotes what THEIR thinking is on Trump, Bush, Cruz, Clinton, Bernie, etc..

Donald Trump is on to something with his "Nixonian Silent majority" rhetoric, but he has been touting the WRONG "Silent Majority." The real "Silent Majority" swept Obama into office twice and stayed away during both midterm cycles. The real "Silent Majority" works hard and is made up of women, asians, African Americans and other ethnic groups that will come out when it really counts.

Donald Trump is really proving that there are two completely different campaign seasons. This is the "Summer Preview" season when we get to watch the TV Pilot starring Donald Trump. It will be fun to watch him completely embarrass himself and his fellow GOP candidates in some of the debates.

Jeb Bush will likely be the last man standing and then he will get to face the only woman standing.

If I were former-Governor Jeb Bush, I would highly recommend putting South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley on the ticket. She is the polar opposite of Sarah Palin. She speaks well and is a real politician who can make those around her believers. She would actually be a stronger presidential candidate than any current ones running.

When Donal Trump drops out, he will have damaged everyone else to the point of no return, even with Jeb Bush and all his money in the mix.