Jul. 22, 2015

To The Donald: You Made Your Point

Dear Mr. Trump:

I've gotta hand it to you. You have (in a great way) made a mockery of the United States presidential electoral process.

Just look how much money Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Hillary Clinton, Rick Perry, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee have been raising when you can get way more bang for the paltry amount you have been spending to suck out all the oxygen in the room.

I sit back here and laugh at how easily you can manipulate the media and the Republican Primary voters by calling Rick Perry and Lindsay Graham names. By belittling all of the candidates, you have clearly demonstrated that money can't really buy love in American Politics, but a little name calling goes a long way.

You know, just like I know, you will never be President of these United States, but you are making a point that clearly needs to be made. Our process stinks and everyone who buys into this "Citizens United" age, is going down a path that will lead to an open election process that will see the rise of third parties that may have a real impact in future election cycles.

You are George Wallace-by-way-of-Ross Perot all wrapped up in one Reality Show-in-real-time package.

You, Donald Trump are brilliant in a PT Barnum kind of way that paves the way for a Morton Downey Republican free-for-all that our country so craves.

On a day when the most-qualified GOP candidate entered the race (Ohio Governor John Kasich), you gave out Lindsay Graham's cell phone number and completely overshadowed his entry into the race. 

Every day it is a new outrageous remark.

I completely understand Huffington Post limiting your coverage to "Entertainment" coverage next to stories about the Kardashians, but I feel that they are missing the big picture. The entire electoral process is a joke you get.

It has been fun to watch. I will certainly enjoy watching you on the debate stage for a few of these spectacles. I will be sorry to watch you leave the Republican stage, but would certainly enjoy watching you make a third party run and deliver Hillary Clinton the election much like Mr. Perot did in 1992 and 1996.

Donald J. Trump, you have certainly made your point.


A Grateful Nation