Jul. 28, 2015

Governing 2015 Style: The Way It Is

Commentary by
Marc Platt

It is apparent that the crazy GOP Presidential race has taken most of the focus away from the peeps in charge of the store right now. The Donald dominates the Internet, TV and all other relevant sources of information.

It is also becoming apparent to me that President Obama, Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell must have some sort of arrangement to govern the United States. It is the only thing that makes sense seeing how the congress moves along on a crisis-to-crisis basis right now.

President Obama has actually governed MORE effectively since the GOP took over both the House and the Senate in the last midterm elections.

The Republican caucus has gone mashugana (crazy) with several U.S. GOP Senators running for President in 2016. Those senators continually make moves that cry out for attention to even have a place in the Presidential Debates.

To watch Texas Senator Ted Cruz get on the U.S. Senate floor and call his own majority leader a liar. Cruz has few if any friends in the U.S. Senate. He is beholden to his grassroots organizations who fuel his presidential bid.

Rand Paul uses a chainsaw on the tax code, Lindsay Graham detroys his flip phone after Trump gives out his cell phone number, Rubio calls Obama "Classless." These are men who were sent to Washington D.C. to get stuff done.

The way I see my scenario playing out would have to be an Oval Office meeting between President Obama, Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader McConnell...

(What WOULD a private conversation look like between the three leaders?)

Here is that possible conversation:

The Prez: "Mitch, John...I have to govern and you guys can't control your people. Go ahead and blast me, make me the devil...I will just do what I have to do to get stuff done...Guys, please try not to screw things up too badly and we can get through this."

Boehner: "I'll do my best Mr. President" (Really thinking 'When Hell Freezes Over')

McConnell: "We'll do our best" (Really Thinking 'I hate this arrogant $%&#@')

The Prez: "Go ahead and make a few more Obamacare repeal votes...That will make your base feel better." (Really Thinking 'I wanna play some golf today')

Boehner & McConnell: (Laughs)

I have no idea if that scenario is how this came down, but I really think it did in some way. The United States government is actually getting stuff done and functioning with all this dysfunctional stuff going on. 

The Iran deal will go through in an equally dysfunctional way with President Obama vetoeing what the Senate and the congress will send back to him after they go through their partisan dealings to vote it down, knowing full well it will be enacted and it is a very important deal for the safety and security of the middle east.

The men and women running for the presidency will do what they do to try and get as much traction. Donald Trump will continue to shake up the entire political system without spending much of his own money in the process.

Ohio John Kasich will make a rapid rise in the GOP hunt for the highest office BECAUSE he really is a serious candidate and maybe the best the Republicans really will have to offer. 

It will be fun to watch, but remember in January 2017, Barack Obama will have to hand the keys to The White House to somebody capable of getting stuff done. That truly is a serious thing that we should all take seriously, right?