Aug. 4, 2015

Donald Trump: Free Puppies For Everyone?

By Marc Platt

If you go on Donald Trump's website, you will not be able to find any real policy positions or even suggestions of governing and policy positions.

We know what The Donald doesn't like...At least for NOW.

He has flip-flopped on issues like Universal Health Care and used to be Pro-Choice. Those are certainly NOT conservative political viewpoints that will get Republican base primary voters to pull the voting lever in Trump's direction if he were to revert to those previous views.

The Donald used to say things like "We need to take care of everyone" when it came to health care. Now he says Obamacare "Is the worst thing." Maybe this is not quite as bad as Dr. Ben Carson's "The worst thing since slavery" remarks from last year, but certainly a 2015 reboot for the republican base.

What exactly does Donald Trump have to offer the United States?

Remember when Republicans used to complain about President Obama taking care of welfare recipients with "FREE STUFF?" That free stuff are the entitlement programs that have helped a great many in our country for decades.

I really am having a hard time figuring out what The Donald will actually offer. Free Puppies? When he starts getting pressed for details, it will get very interesting to hear his ideas about how to actually govern.

To say "I make things" and "I hire people" and "You're fired" can only take you so far in this process. Donald J Trump can stay on the world stage for a little while longer and then he will have to make a decision to jump off this crazy clown car circus and go back to being not "Candidate Donald Trump," but rather "Celebrity Donald Trump," the best job he has ever had.