Aug. 19, 2015

Hillary 2.0: It's Time To Dig Deep

Commentary by
Marc Platt

The horse race is just beginning, but these are not beginners. This is a crop of seasoned politicians and a few business and medical professionals running to be the next POTUS.

I'd like to concentrate on Hillary Rodham Clinton, who grew up the daughter of business magnate Hugh Rodham, a conservative Nixon & Goldwater Republican. Hillary grew up supporting those men and even volunteered for their causes early in her life.

She evolved into liberal politics during the Vietnam era, opposing that war and becoming an activist during her law school years. She had a job out of law school working for attorney Jerry Zeifman, a counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, who supervised Clinton on the Watergate investigation. Clinton was dismissed from that position, but the irony is that she worked to bring Nixon DOWN just a few years after canvassing her neighborhood in 1960 for his presidential campaign.

Hillary Clinton has always been a tireless, yet controlling fighter for causes she believes in. She desperately wants to be President, but has had a problem exhibiting the sense of purpose and joy of campaigning both Bill Clinton and her former boss Barack Obama did in their presidential campaigns.

Mrs. Clinton should take close notice of Bernie Sanders and his love of big crowds and getting his message out. Sanders' campaign has a sense of purpose missing in Clinton's. She could also take note of Donald Trump's style on the stump. He is ALL PASSION and NO SUBSTANCE. If Secretary Clinton were to add style to her substance, she would cruise to the nomination and the general election.

People WANT to love her. They WANT to support her historical run to the White House, but she needs to step up and make us all take notice of her message. 

She recently met with a few members of "Black Lives Matter" and was brilliant advocating her position on black mass incarceration and other issues her husband's administration was greatly responsible for. THAT Hillary Clinton needs to get out there every day and fight.

This email server story will eventually go the way of the Benghazi story and Hillary Clinton will need to stand up and take charge of her campaign with more than policy papers and talking points.

Donald Trump's GREAT LESSON to all the candidates is to tell your story and never apologize for that story.

Time to kick ass Hillary. It is time...