Aug. 20, 2015

The Donald: Greatest Show on Earth

Commentary by
Marc Platt

Talk about going negative...The Donald has made a mockery of the political process by going negative on everything and everyone who gets in his way..Jeb, Rand, Hillary, Obama, Perry...This is how it works "We are losing as a country" he recently said at a a press conference in New Hamphire.

Trump also feels justified in going after Hillary Clinton's closest advisor (Huma Abedin), calling the woman's husband Anthony Weiner "A Perv."

Donald will spout off about building a wall that the Mexican government will pay for. They have said that will never happen, yet the media never drills down deep with Trump.

The "Illegals" and "Anchor Babies have to go." He would send them back if he were president. We all know that ain't gonna happen. We all know that he will be back at some point anhialating the network ratings with his "Apprentice" series.

"We cannot let ISIS continue to do what they've been doing," he says. He doesn't say HOW we will stop them specifically. "We'll cut off their finances and their oil."

HOW Donald How? How do you stop ISIS? Do you send 100,000 troops, many who would perish in a ground war? 

How do you get around the 14th Amendment, which allows babies born in the United States to become INSTANT citizens.

He builds himself up by calling Mitt Romney a "Loser" and a "Choker." He makes himself seem like a winner by calling everyone else losers.

We cannot stop watching this train wreck.

This is just too much fun.

The lamestream media (left and right) are focused on a dopey "Email Server" story that has Hillary Clinton sparring with Fox's Ed Henry and other reporters who have nothing better to do. This is another Benghazi-type story that will go away and be a non-issue by the time the general election comes up.

Mr. Trump will continue on for as long as he isn't bored of the process.

One of my favorite "Inside Trump Baseball" side show issues is the "FIRING" of his chief strategist Roger Stone who has appeared EVERYWHERE as a surrogate FOR Trump. This guy wasn't fired..He is going out under the false pretense that he no longer is employed by Trump. If that is true, WHY is he the ONLY Donald Trump surrogate going out on all the TV shows completely lambasting Trump's detractors. Come on people, this is all part of the "Campaign." You watch Mr. Stone OFFICIALLY will magically reunite with The Donald.

Enjoy the show, it ain't going away for awhile.