Aug. 26, 2015

The Obama Agenda Missing on Economic Inequality

By Marc Platt

I have been accused over the past six years of being an "Obama Apologist." 

For the most part I have been.

There is an area I feel our president has fallen short on policy, but not the rhetoric surrounding that lack of policy.

The "Middle Class" has all but disappeared in America and wages are stagnant. When the U.S. Congress failed to fix the "Unemployment Insurance" issue a year or so ago, it was basically just forgotten by Barack Obama and millions of citizens have suffered in the wake of the job redistribution correction that is now taking place.

What this correction is, is basically the new economy and the types of jobs that are now available throughout the United States.

America is veering away from the manufacturing jobs that were so important in creating the Middle Class and have now is experiencing more entry level-type jobs that don't fit the educational backgrounds of the two previous generations.

Baby Boomers who have been displaced from career jobs have had to figure out new ways of making a living. President Obama has spoken at great length sympahizing with that group of Americans, but has done NOTHING to help fix the problem.

This all stems from the 2008 Economic Meltdown and Obama's own agenda of changing our economy and the culture of the workforce. There have been many citizens who are fed up with the hoplessness flocking to Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

The Democrats really need to take a look at this. The media is so busy covering "The Summer of Trump," they are really missing the big story. Bernie Sanders is getting a lot of Baby Boomers and white students who were raised in middle class families following Bernie and Elizabeth Warren's message. These are the voters who could swing this election, along with the growing Latin, Women and Asian voters who got Obama elected twice.

President Obama owes it to the Baby Boomers and the "Greatest Generation" of now-senior citizens who depend on the government to make good on the promise of Social Security.

We will see if Hillary Clinton starts coming up with real and do-able policies that the Sanders-Warren progressives have been showing they want. Hillary could have issues on the left if she doesn't step up her game on inequality. Clinton has always been known as a fighter for these middle class people, but things are rapidly changing and the fight is getting MORE acute on the liberal side of the Democratic Party.

In closing, Obama has been great on so many things like health care, but has fallen short on actual policy that will really help Americans become the best workforce in the world once again. He has a little more than a year to start a new correction for the long-lost middle class.