Sep. 4, 2015

The White House Chase: Why The GOP Will Lose Again

By Marc Platt

I'm going to try and keep this simple.

"Simplicity" is the key to winning a national election.

The public gets to see the differences between candidates and how it affects THEIR lives.

In early 2008, America didn't know who this African American U.S. Senator (Barack Obama) from Illinios was who began running for president against a Hillary Clinton machine poised for success.

She seemed unbeatable, but Obama had a few tricks up his sleeve. He was inspirational, represented change, opposed Iraq from the start and knew how to use math to his advantage. This has been the key to his success from the start.

The GOP presidential candidates are complicated.

They battle each other to get to the bottom of the political barrel. They are willing to shut the government down. They brag and boast about keeping government small, yet put America in peril at every turn spending on wars we cannot afford. They fundraise off of tragedylike Sandy Hook and they just plain beat each other into submission all the time.

Americans are not stupid. They want there government to run smoothly, have lower gas prices, health care that is affordable and not to send their young men and women off to die in some war they never really wanted. 

Why do you think we fight our wars with unmanned drones now?

Hillary Clinton was a part of a very successful Obama administration that MOST people recognise has been excellent in every way.

Sure they have had their weak points, but when all is said and done, Americans will look back on the Obama years as a hallmark presidency and Hillary was a part of that.

When George W. Bush came to power with Dick Cheney, they IMMEDIATELY ruined most of the work Bill Clinton did with a huge surplus and peacetime. They used the attack on the World Trade Center (which they ignored serious warning signs) to get us into a war in Iraq. We know all that.

The Republican elected officials are full of bluster and little true substance lately. Gone are the days of thoughtful policy ideas from that segment of the political spectrum. Moderates are at a premium in the Republican bubble.

Do you remember how Dubya gave us tax rebates? That was his big gift to Americans and a standard Republican talking point. They always want to lower taxes, especially on the richest segment of society.

Dubya's entire presidency was a farce. He put two wars on a credit card in which Obama has had to pay for with crafty shifts (sequestor) to satisfy blood thirsty congressional Republicans who have to keep their jobs.

This atmosphere has been hostile. Barack Obama continually tried to reach across the aisle only to be rebuffed by Boehner, McConnell and the rest of the congressional Republican-elected officials.

Bottom line is Americans want to wake up every day and feel like their president and government has THEIR backs. That is why the Democrats will retain the White House in the next election.

Government is nuanced, but the notion of security is actually very simple. On election day, I truly believe this will be a no brainer and we will see our first woman elected to be #45.

Hillary Clinton.