Sep. 6, 2015

Is Fox News Swinging Towards The Middle???

By Marc Platt

It looks to me like Fox News is slowly pulling its viewers towards the middle, which is a smart move by news chief Roger Ailes and Fox Chairman Rupert Murdoch.

They will likely phase blowhards like Cheney off the network just like when Megyn Kelly sealed Karl Rove's fate at the network in 2012 when he tried to futility argue the re-election of Barack Obama by having Chris Wallace FINALLY start calling the Bush/Cheney administration out for their terrible Iraq strategy, we may finally start to put that gruesome episode aside and get on with it.

I would look for guys like Mike Huckabee and ted Cruz to start diminishing in the next few years. Fox News is NOT stupid. They know that they went too far with the incendiary right wing stuff. They created Glenn Beck and perpetuated the Rush Limbaugh brand way too much.

The Republicans must start drifting back to the center (where Reagan actually was) and away from the wacko garbage.

This is why I applaud what they TRIED to do in that September 6 Republican debate in Cleveland. Conservative radio show host Hugh Hewitt is carrying on the debunking of Trump on his lack of foreign policy knowledge. It is just a matter of time before Trump's act wears off, but he will have damaged the brand (what was left of it) forcing the entire party far to the right.

America still will have to endure the Carson, Trump, Fiorina onslaught for another month or so leading into the actual primary season. Look for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and current Ohio Governor John Kasich to somehow emerge as the closest things to moderates capable of competing with Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders next year.