Sep. 10, 2015

The Roger Stone Affair: WTF

Commentary by Marc Platt

Let's talk about this Roger Stone character who recently left the Donald Trump organization, but has continued to be Trump's surrugate in the press and to anyone who will interview him. He is out there all the time playing the "Trump Card" even though supposedly Trump "fired" Stone.

Stone (a Libertarian) is a veteran of eight election campaigns and a staunch Clinton hater. He is about to release a book about the Clintons on October 13 that accuses Hillary of covering up her husband's rapes. This is garbage, especially since the chances of attribution are next to none. I highly doubt these victims will go on record.

In other words Stone could have made all of this stuff up without any proof to offer the public and the press. The media needs to go through this book and debunk the "facts."

I make no bones about the fact I have been a Clinton supporter since 1992 when I worked (very briefly) for Mickey Kantor (in the Los Angeles office) during the winter/spring of that year.

I was also an Obama supporter starting in 2008. So yes, I have left leanings, but that does not change the fact that you cannot just make shit up like "Rape" and "Cover-Ups" just because you cannot win elections fair and square. Mr. Stone has been associated with many losers over the years. I will not get into mud slinging.

Here is what I think and I'm going on record a month BEFORE he releases this book.

Trump and Stone had to seperate on paper because this inflammatory book is going to be in the headlines and Stone cannot be seen working for a possible Clinton adversary politically and be on a book tour slamming her and her husband as sexual deviates.

If I were Phil Griffin (MSNBC), Roger Ailes (Fox News) and Jeff Zucker (CNN) I would absolutely NOT let Stone anywhere near the airwaves. He has disqualified himself as a surrogate.

I completely expect that his Clinton book will have anonymous sources. Any news outlet who lets this man spew his money-making garbage at the expense of the Clintons for his own financial gain is irresponsible.

I would say this if it were ANY candidate or person. This is complete BS and Stone needs to be reprimanded by all the candidates for these tactics.

There you have it.