Sep. 17, 2015

Where Are We With This Presidential Election Cycle?

Commentary By Marc Platt
What are we really looking at here?

1. Carly Fiorina was a disaster at Hewlett Packard. After she was fired, CBS, USA Today and CNBC each called her one of the worst tech CEOs of all time.

2. Donald Trump had 4 of his Atlantic City casinos go out of business.
I really could care less how much money these people have. They are failures at running businesses and that is who the GOP is touting because of their bravado and gravitas???
3. Jeb Bush & John Kasich were involved in the financial crisis at the now defunct Lehman Brothers. They both have "GOP Establishment" credentials, but will be called out in a general election for contributing to the near depression while BOTH receiving big bucks at the expense of the public..
4. Marco Rubio, Scott Walker AND Ted Cruz are all beholden to big donors. You could hear it by the answers they gave at the debate. They will have a hard time connecting. Each of these guys are willing to shut the government down because of ideology.
5. Huckabee is a "Relig-Idiot"
6. Christie is still in trouble with "Bridge Gate." Many of his subordinates are going on trial during the primaries. Those optics will be very hard to overcome next year.
7. Rand Paul is Rand Paul. There are scandals circling his camp because of the people he and his father use to run their campaigns.
8. Ben Carson will be completely debunked as we go along in the process. He believes the ACA was "The worst thing since slavery," compared Obama to Hitler, etc...
Now take a look at what the Democrats may be offering...
1. Bernie Sanders...Income inequality candidate who says the system is rigged for the richest Americans.
2. Hillary Clinton...Former 1st Lady, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State who the GOP villifies at every turn with nonsensical scandals that the TRUE ELECTORATE will see through when the real voting starts.
3. Joe Biden..He may jump in and has been spectacular as VP for 6-1/2 years. He has street cred and knows his stuff.
The Republicans have seriously wounded themselves for the next generation or two with draconian abortion politics, Immigration missteps, bad gender equality politics and especially their terrible economic policies that only help the wealthiest in our country.
It is going to be a long, ugly process to determine the 45th U.S. President, but I have to say objectively the Democrats OFFER something of substance and the GOP offers an ildeologic point of view.