Sep. 18, 2015

The Trump Unraveling Has Begun

"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore"                                                  (Network, 1976)

Commentary by Marc Platt

It has started. We all knew this day would come. The beginning of the end.

Do you remember the brilliant 1970's movie "Network" and the late-great Peter Finch's Howard Beale character? They KILLED that character off on national TV to get better ratings. In New Hampshire Trump's own supporters did the job.

It happened on Thursday night (9/17) in New Hampshire. "The Muslim Moment" happened when a town hall goer asked Trump about "The Muslim Issue" and the insane and debunked "Obama Birther" notion. Trump did not stop this guy from spewing his garbage and it exposed the MAJOR problem with his entire candidacy...His actual supporters are white trash.

I am not demeaning YOU if you support his message of "being an outsider" and you may identify with Trump on certain levels, but you will leave him shortly because you don't want to be identified as a rascist, bigoted moron who believes our twice-elected U.S. President was not born in America. You will be reminded that Mr. Trump spent a great deal of time a few years back spearheading the "Birther" movement.

Trump's supporters hating Muslims and wanting to shut down "Muslim Training Camps" in America is ridiculous. Promoting fear and hatred and ginning up a base that was dormant for political gain will run its course and completely damage what was left of the Republican brand.

Okay...The political media, pundits, advertisers, network chiefs and the written press are responsible for the rise and certain fall of the Trump candidacy. These are the people who need to make money during the "Silly Season."

I admit that I am truly addicted to the cable news networks. I watch all of them at certain times during the day and night when I am working at home.

"No bucks...No Buck Rogers"
           (The Right Stuff, 1984)

Donald Trump was a gift to the networks. He made the early election season amusing and he will be missed by the advertisers. Trump brought MILLIONS of viewers to the FOX and CNN debates who never would have tuned in. Trump also exposed the fragility of the other 16 candidates that will only hurt their chances next year when the real voting starts.

Pundits need to have content on their programs and they could devote 40% of their alloted time to Trump throughout the summer. They all made big bucks with the never-ending Trump coverage. The cable networks devote entire blocks of time giving Trump coverage when he has a rally, or a town hall. It is a train wreck that they hope will derail in real time.

When all is said and done, this guy in New Hampshire who spewed his "Hatred of Muslims" did Donald J. Trump and the country a favor. This man put Trump's supporters front and center and let the world know how scary a Trump presidency could really be.