Oct. 1, 2015

Presidential Horse Race Amusing, Yet Misleading

"It's a great country, where anybody can grow up to be president... except me.
(Barry Goldwater)

Commentary By Marc Platt

When the votes were counted, it was shown that the Barry Goldwater "Experiment" failed miserably in 1964. It did lay the seeds for Ronald Reagan to come charging to the front of the "Modern Conservatism" that enveloped the 1980s.

The GOP of 2015/16 has embraced an alternate universe in which Reagan never raised taxes (he did so several times), never raised the debt ceiling (18 times) and "LOVED GUNS" (tried to get assault weapons off the streets). These memory-deficient GOPers will do and say anything to a small group of primary voters, hoping and praying that the rest of the country isn't paying attention.

They are right, hardly anyone is paying attention except the media. This same media keeps files on every statement made by everyone who could possible matter. When there is audio, it is saved. When there is video, it lives forever somewhere only to return for a slew of attack ads during a campaign.

Video is forever.

When Carly Fiorina says she saw a video (that doesn't exist) of a dying fetus and refuses to admit she lied about seeing that video...It will come back to haunt her at some point, just like her terrible record as CEO at Hewlett-Packard a decade ago.

When Jeb Bush makes racially-coded remarks about "FREE STUFF," the Democrats and his opponents will use those remarks against him at some point, right?

There is nothing like a presidential cycle to bring out the worst in everyone.

Running for president is like peeling off layer after layer of the perceived truths that someone has at their disposal. We learn more about the warts and smelly side of these people, because the press and mainstream media dig and dig. So do their opponents.

If you have a skeleton in your closet, good luck to you forevermore.

America does not elect EXTREME candidates to be their commander-in-Chief. The democrats, most moderate republicans and independent voters want someone with some semblence of common sense to have their backs.

Carly, The Donald, Dr. Carson, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and even Jeb Bush have views that do not coincide with the TRUE MOOD of the country. Marco Rubio is not extreme, but he is a little green. I admit President Obama came to office as a very unheralded U.S. Senator. The country really was taking a chance, but it has worked out.

The one thing he has proven is a willingness (from the start) to govern.

In my opinion, the ONLY qualified U.S. Presidential candidates would be Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, John Kasich and maybe Marco Rubio. If Biden jumps in, he will get support, but will get worn down by the process.

We are not ready for a president with extreme views. Go back and look at history. 

Yes I agree that the Democratic south thought Abe Lincoln was an extremist. Ask yourself...Who was on the right side of history on that one?