Oct. 1, 2015

Beltway Bumbling: Why I Love Morning Joe

By Marc Platt

Life is not fair. It must be hell for former U.S. (R) Florida Congressman Joe Scarborough to live in a Beltway universe in which Barack Obama has ruled for nearly seven years. He is co-host of a unique early morning show with journalist and 3-time Best Selling Author Mika Brzezinski.

Scarborough does his best to hammer liberals and democrats for any and every possible weakness. Brzezinski is the daughter of former Jimmy Carter advisor Zbigiew Brzezinski and openly leans towards the left.

It can get quite comical at times to watch Joe's eyes light up when he discusses Hillary Clinton's email controversy.

The show has an assortment of Beltway Insiders like Washington Post Pulitzer Prize winner Eugene Robinson, co-host Willie Geist, writer Mike Barnacle, award-winning writer Jon Heilman, former Bush aide Nicole Wallace and many other insiders who make the show somewhat balanced.

Example: Mika brought up the latest batch of released emails from Hillary Clinton's home server. The discussion became lower in tone than the usual ranting by Scarbrough BECAUSE the same day a story broke about Speaker-in-Waiting Kevin McCarthy admitted that the Benghazi Committee was a partisan political witch hunt.

Scarborough called McCarthy's gaffe "A massive mistake." The republicans tried to backtrack and Scarborough jumped in with them on the "Rookie Mistake" McCarthy made and NOT  the reality that this WAS a witch hunt designed to destroy Hillary Clinton's candidacy.

The panel basically gave Joe a pass when they should have hit hard on the fact that his beloved Republican Party has played politics with the death of four Americans who died in Libya September 11, 2012. 

Why didn't Joe Scarborough lead the charge to dismantle the bogus Benghazi Committee that has now been exposed by the man who would be Speaker of The House of Representatives? The very chamber Scarborough served in years ago and has helped to make him a very rich MSNBC host.

This is why I love 'Morning Joe.' Never mind the show's continual build-up of the crazy Donald Trump For President campaign. 

This show was the first on the Trump bandwagon because they were quick to figure out the financial value to their show and the networks who have made millions of dollars showing "Everything Trump." Donald Trump brings in big bucks, just look at the viewership of the GOP Debates.

Morning Joe does a great job perpetuating rumors and stories like little girls on a junior high school playground.

It would not help Scarborough's case to admit that the Benghazi Committee should be dismantled, so he keeps his mouth shut on THAT issue and dwells on the tactical mistakes that were made by McCarthy and his fellow republicans. Mika sat quitly silent when she could have pounced.

I suppose we will see how it plays out in the next few weeks...