Oct. 5, 2015

Let SCOTUS Do The Dirty Work on Guns

By Marc Platt

Here is something to think about regarding GUNS.

Congress has shown their true colors of being corrupted by the NRA and their manufacturing henchmen. The President is hampered by the fact that Congress will not touch this issue.

Here is my idea. Bring a bevvy of lawsuits against gun manufacturers, the NRA, gun shows, The state of Colorado (who have terrible laws regarding legal fees).

Let these lawsuits matriculate through the courts. By the time they get to the Supreme Court, there will be enough public outcry to affect some changes in the interpretation of these laws that are misguided. Things have changed since their last bad decisions like Heller, etc...

Ronald Reagan should be invoked at every possible turn. Reagan was a huge advocate of removing assault weapons from our streets.

People need to go directly after the NRA where it hurts. In their pocketbooks. There are many men and women of high integrity, who are members of the NRA. Ordinary citizens should appeal to THEM to pressure the NRA to do the right thing and get these manufacturers to mellow out when it comes to gun clips, etc...

If we want to affect change, then we have to either vote these PRO GUN congressmen and women OUT or go after the real culprits, the manufacturers and organizations who keep this terrible violent extemism going.

The furor over terrorism is important, but there are far fewer people killed by terrorism in America than by guns.

It is clearly time to do something about this.

If we have to amend the U.S. Constitution, let's do it. We are way past the "Well-regulated militia" days. We have really dangerous assault weapons that are being used to HUNT PEOPLE on our city streets. NOT bayonets and muskets like 1776.