Oct. 8, 2015

The GOP: The True Decline of Western Civilization

"Everyone thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, but we put together a Benghazi committee and her numbers declined because she was untrustable (sic)"                       (Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy)


By Marc Platt

My political leanings are liberal, but I recognise the importance of our two-party system. I do not want the Republican party to disappear, but something has become evident in the past few years since the advent of the Tea Party in 2009.

The Republicans do not know how to govern anymore. The extreme elements of their party have hijacked the proceedings and taken away the establisment's ability to make laws and to compromise. The days of Jack Kemp, Everett Dirksen and even (gulp) Newt Gingrich seem to have gone by the wayside.

The GOP now governs by select committees that suck up valuable tax dollars and have become very partisan. Look at this Benghazi revelation by Kevin McCarthy. $4.6 billion later and they have successfully brought Hillary Clinton's poll numbers down and given the public NO new information on the deaths of the four Americans in Benghazi. They have focused on boring emails that have revealed nothing about those deaths.

John Boehner has been driven out of the third-in-line to President Obama's office by radical elements in a party that has been hijacked by professional goons who intimidate and get paid $174,000.00-per-year and make no laws, but try to repeal health care and restrict women's reproductive rights.

We are moving back towards the 1890's politically.

There are three Washington DC outsiders leading the polls for the GOP presidential nomination because republican voters are completely fed up with the people THEY sent to Washington. We get a crazy brilliant neuro surgeon, a failed CEO and a looney reality TV star dominating the republican election cycle.

We have another Bush making little impact. We have a Florida U.S. senator who doesn't show up to vote (missing 1/3 of votes), we have Tea Party senators (Cruz, Paul) who spout radical ideas to most of the general public and do little in the way of solutions.

The GOP is an absolute mess.

I know the democrats aren't a very interesting or exciting bunch this year, but they do want to govern. They present policy ideas that are do-able to the general public.

I believe Hillary Clinton will be elected to be the 45th United States president. I also believe the republican party has damaged itself so badly since 2009, that it will take a transformative politician to reverse the course they are on. 

I don't believe that man/woman has presented themself to the world. It may take many years of dysfunction for voters to reverse the trend of obstruction and dysfunction in American politics.

Hillary Clinton will have her hands full as she tries to negotiate her way through this mess.