Oct. 21, 2015

Commentary: Jeb Trying to Re-Write 9/11 History

By Marc Platt

If I lost a family member or a close friend in the World Trade Center terrorist attacks, or anyone because George W. Bush took us into a war in Iraq, I would be livid right now.

Jeb Bush and his campaign, as well as surrogates like Megyn McCain are trying to stick 9/11 on Bill Clinton. Just to remind everyone, Bill Clinton was actively bombing areas where Bin Laden was as early as 1998. The Clinton administration, as well as the following administration was FULLY aware of Osama Bin laden and his intentions.

For Jeb Bush to try and deny the fact that 9/11 happened on his brother's watch is absolutely retarded. 

Just imagine the debate stage if Jeb Bush were to actually make it through the nomination process and be the nominee...If he were to square off against a really good debater like Hillary Clinton, he would be toast when it came to 9/11. She would destroy Jeb with facts and grind him to pieces.

Noticed how lightly she handled Bernie Sanders and the three other non factor candidates in the first Democratic Debate. Clinton was tiptoeing, because she and her campaign know that they need to hold back until the general election. The gloves will come off against the Republicans.

Jeb Bush cannot walk back history. As Florida Governor, Jeb gave us GWB through any means possible. That election was rigged and everyone knows it over the age of 25-years-old. You don't think Hillary Clinton would bring up all the questionable tricks Bush and Baker used to get his brother into the White House? 

Jeb Bush's cry of "After 9/11 my brother kept us safe" is an insult to the memory of all those souls who perished that day and all the responders who are suffereing now. The country has suffered immeasurable losses since January 20, 2001, the day GWB took office.

I have been waiting for this chance to remind people just how horrible George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and NOW Jeb Bush were. You can call it politics. I call it criminal. I'll give you the rotten election. 9/11 and The Iraq War were criminal and I blame the Bushes and Dick Cheney. Dubya and Cheney were GIVEN Bin Laden memos warning of an attack. They did NOTHING. That is a fact that cannot be rebuked. They have the documents in evidence ready to go. Jeb knows what is going to come in a general election.

I really don't need to give you all the facts. The facts have been there all along...7500 people needlessly died because of these men. I include Jeb Bush, who gave us his brother.

I hope Jeb Bush is crushed and humilated by his own ambition. The fact that he even WANTS to be U.S. Preident is ridiculous and insulting after what he has done. There are a LOT of Democrats and Independents who will be ready, willing and able to humiliate Jeb Bush and put an end to their dynasty at long last.

The Clinton dynasty will resume and we may or may not prosper like we did in the 1990's, but I will take her over ANY announced candidate. I think she would be a better president than Joe Biden as well. Vice President Biden would have quite a lot of baggage PRE Obama to account for. There are many votes that even having Elizabeth Warren on his ticket that he would have to answer for. More on that later after he announces his intentions.

 Donald Trump is doing Jeb a big favor. After he is done with Jeb, he won't have to be crushed by Hillary in a general election. Leave that for some other poor GOP sap.