Nov. 13, 2015

Carson & Trump: Let Me Try and Explain

Commentary by Marc Platt

It is several months in and potential Presidential Primary voters are scratching their heads trying to make sense of the pure rubbish and dribble coming out of Donald Trump and Ben Carson's mouths on the campaign trail and in the GOP Presidential Debates.

To summarize...Trump has repeatedly insulted and denigrated Latins and immigrants (legal and illegal) who reside in America. Trump's brutal Eisenhower "Operation Wetback" reference at the 4th GOP Debate was absolutely reprehsible. Trump ginned up his base with "Deportaion Squads" that harkened back to Hitler rounding up the Jews in Germany and other European countries during WW2. Ike's deplorable program actually caused the deaths of 80+ immigrants who were left to die in the desert once they were dropped off in Mexico.

Ben Carson makes stuff up all the time and insists that he has secret informers on foreign policy that even U.S. diplomats and security personnel has all but said was false. The Chinese are NOT in Syria, but Carson seems to skate along with absurd and shows a lack of understanding of even basic foreign policy. It is a joke.

Why do these men overwhelmingly lead their party's polling?

It is simple and I can put your worst fears to rest with these simple facts.

In recent polling of the make-up of Republican primary voters, the results look VERY different than the overall American electorate.

54% of the GOP Primary voters are male.
92% of these voters are WHITE.

Now all you need to do is understand that there are far more registered Democrat and independent voters in the country than GOP.

ALSO, you should also grasp the fact that 50,000 Latinos-per-month are becoming eligible to vote turning 18-years-of-age. It is the largest emerging voting block in America.

In 2012 Mitt Romney got just over 59 million votes and was trounced by Barack Obama. The 2016 OVERALL electorate will be even more friendly to women and minorities who are eligible to vote.

The November 2016 voters in the Presidential election will look very different than the GOP Primaries. In other words...Republicans are getting MUCH whiter and the GENERAL electorate is getting a lot less WHITE.

This looks like a slam dunk for the Democrats. If the Democrats retain the White House, there is a great chance the U.S. Senate will shift back to the left and a lot of house seats could also go that way. The U.S. House is still gerrymandered to the point that the GOP will keep it until 2020.

I hope this helps, a little...I feel better