Dec. 8, 2015

History Repeats: Will We Ever Learn?

By Marc Platt

                  "Freedom is more powerful than fear"
                                (Barack Obama, December 6, 2015)

We live in crazy times. There is a presidential election on the horizon and we have a U.S. president who has to walk on egg shells, because he has several constituencies to answer to.

There are men and women seeking that job who are free to say whatever best serves them politically. The mainstream media makes its money reporting what these men and women say. This is a cycle that is set up for failure for a sitting president.

Donald Trump, a man who has never been elected or been in a situation where the public has ever cast a vote FOR or AGAINST in a an election, knows who to work the press. He knows how to make political gains by using the media to report outlandish things with no apparent consequence.

I personally believe Mr. Trump is afraid of losing and will not subject himself to people casting votes for or against him, but I have been wrong at every turn so far in this bizarre political season.

I believe that this man will capitalize on this Fame-On-Steroids phase of his life to make a point that he can "Game" the public and get them to support his "Archie Bunker" mantality. 

There is a price that will be paid by Republicans as they drift even farther to the right and it certainly brings out the worse in a fearful and vulnerable electorate.

When The Donald calls for the blockage of "All Muslims" into America as his solution to the terrorism problem, we need to be reminded of two eras in our recent past that we will never live down.

The Japanese interment camps in America in the 1940's during the second world war AND GITMO right now in Cuba. The GOP has blocked the Obama administration from closing this facility for seven years.

For any man or woman to advocate shunning Americans who are Muslims, especially elected officials who make a salary SERVING these very same people who pay their taxes is horrible.

There is nothing to be proud of right now in our politics. We are NOT exceptional at all. We are failing in an epic way as a country.

Barack Obama is the U.S. President and every American Democrat, Republican and non-political person needs to respect the office and get behind him. he is serving our needs as a nation, agree or disagree with his policies.

When we go to war, we go as a country.

If we don't pay attention to history, it will surely repeat.