Dec. 16, 2015

The Trump Effect: This S#!T Is Getting Real Now

By Marc Platt

I have been writing about this since the summer and no one seems to be getting tired of Donald J. Trump.

It has dawned on me that Donald Trump LOVES running for President. He loves Talking Points, Abusive Putdowns, Poll Numbers, Interviews and Attention. Donald Trump LOVES the action. It is like an addiction. He is like a gambler who must be "In Action" at all times. The camera must always be on him.

I still believe this man wants NOTHING to do with the actual job.

Why you ask?

When was the last time Donald Trump worked for ANYONE ELSE? This man is his own boss. He is not going to work for Americans.

When we elect public officials, they work for us. No bueno with Trump.

He has "MILLIONS" of people working for him. How would this work?

Donald Trump...Public Servant? REALLY?

This is why it will never happen.

Once he realizes that Hillary will trounce him in a general election, he will get the hell out of Dodge City, right?

I still don't believe this man has the vanity to allow people to vote AGAINST him. His ego is far too massive.

Donald Trump LOVES making speeches. I have him in the background (in Phoenix) while I write these words. He just tells us how great he is and how "America will be great again" if we make him our leader.

His followers shout down protesters like earlier this week threatening to "burn the motherfucker alive." Trump eggs them on and never shows one characteristic of being a leader.

I watched Chris Matthews (MSNBC) interview him after the Vegas debate and ask him the birther question. Trump refused to answer the question that will dog him to the general election. Trump was the leading "Obama is a Kenyon" birther starting in 2010. This grotesque notion will ultimately help destroy any chances he has if he were to gain that nomination.

I have been wrong at every turn about how the public would NOT embrace The Donald. There IS a segment of 40% of the 27% registered Republican voters who love these blustering statements about Illegal Immigrants (rapists?), Muslims (keep them all out)...The list goes on and on.

Every time Trump makes an outlandish statement, it is a substitution for his desire NOT to spend any money running ads. Trump is cheap. He won't spend any real money on advertising when he can get free media when the polls begin to dip.

Just understand this man's emotiotional need for attention and you will realize what is really going on in America.

Fear sells.

Trump yells.

All the other candidates (and public) don't KVELL.

(Webster definition of KVELL: feel happy and proud. "my mom was kvelling—bursting with pride")