Dec. 18, 2015

GOP Chances Hinge on John Kasich

By Marc Platt

The MOST important figure in the GOP Presidential race is Ohio Governor John Kasich. He will likely NOT be the nominee, but I contend the GOP has zero chance without taking Ohio and possibly Pennsylvania. If Kasich were to be the running mate for Trump, Cruz or Rubio, he could put those states in play.

He will stick around for awhile and build up his stock in the party.

If I were running for that party, Kasich would be my ONLY choice as a running mate.

Do the math.

John Kasich gives them a chance.

Trump has to pick someone...If he really is serious about being U.S. President..I still think he doesn't want that job.

Marco Rubio (Florida) and John Kasich (Ohio) gives the GOP a chance.