Dec. 21, 2015

The Paul Ryan Scenario

By Marc Platt

I am dead serious. Paul Ryan may be the nominee for the Republican Party in 2016 when all is said and done.

There is a scenario that could play out.

Please follow along.

The GOP class is terrible. These candidates do not really represent the best the Republicans can offer.

Donald Trump has NOT really put an infrastructure together necessary to win the election. I truly don't believe he wants the job. His reasons for running have been covered by me and others for months now.

Jeb Bush is incompetetnt as a messenger.

Ted Cruz is riculous and radically different.

Marco Rubio has become a politically expedient flip flopper.

Rand Paul has no juice for his Libertarian views.

Fiorina lies left and right and has lost her base of support.

Christie could be under indictment due to the Bridge scandal and many of his former staff will be on trial during the primaries.

Lindsay Graham is all bluster for war. Not really playing with the voters.

Hucabee is on life support. Satorun, life support.

John Kasich. Hold that thought.

I truly believe no one will get enough delegates to win the nomination.

Paul Ryan is starting to gain respect in his party and throughout the nation. 

What if all the delegates are released next summer at the Republican Convention and they draft Paul Ryan as their nominee? It can happen. He is as close to middle of the road as the GOP will get. He is the one figure who can coalesce support in a way necessary to give Hillary Clinton a real threat in a general election.

If Ryan were to choose Ohio Governor John Kasich as his running mate, Ohio and Pennsylvania are in play in the general election.

Ryan-Kasich could beat Hillary Clinton in a general election. IT is a very scary scenario for the Democrats.

Let's see how this plays out.