Dec. 30, 2015

Trump Will destroy The GOP For Generations

By Marc Platt

They haven't cast any ballots in the primaries, yet there is a pall that has been cast over the country by Donald J. Trump. The pundits and establishment do not have a clue how to handle the mess Trump has made of the entire impending presidential race.

I still believe this man wants no part of this job. Being U.S. President is not like being a movie or reality television star. It is a grueling and rather thankless job if you think about it.

Some of our more recent "Greatest" presidents like Truman. JFK and Reagan suffered very low poll numbers at points in their presidency. Obama has had a remarkable run of success in a lot of ways that are completely ignored as his poll numbers sink because of obstruction and world events.

Along comes Donald J. Trump on the stage. He is a man who is expert at reading the news climate and manipulating press outlets to his every desired result. He has tapped into the lowest common denominator by scraping the bottom of the white supremacy barrel with fearful rhetoric.

Trump is just as adept at the social media game as Obama was in 2008 when he got elected by utilizing FaceBook and other available social media outlets and the census information. Trump is smart enough to utilize what works much more so than any of his GOP competitors.

The result could be something worse than a Trump presidency...

What if The Donald went back to being a media celebrity and popped up every election cycle to wreak havoc on the election process. Kind of like a Ross Perot-Ralph Nader-Ron Paul-on-steroids character. Think of Sarah Palin completely gone nuts.

I truly believe Donald J. Trump will long outlive this campaign as a "Havoc-Wreaker-in-Chief" for the next decade.

This man will likely do a lot more damage to senate and house seats for the next 10 years because he can. He doesn't give a rats ass about the Republican Party. He cares about his own celebrity too much to care what damage he inflicts to the GOP.

A Trump presidency would be a lot better prospect for the future of the GOP than a loss in my opinion.