Jan. 18, 2016

Hillary Finally Found Her Message at Debate

By Marc Platt

A funny thing happened at the third Democratic Debate in South Carolina Sunday night. Hillary Clinton was able to define Bernie Sanders and herself. She found her sea legs over her position on Universal Health Care.

Sanders exposed himself to ridicule when he released HIS Single-Payer Health Plan just two hours before the debate in that Americans would have their taxes raised to pay for it. This was on the heals of the Vermont senator promising only a $1.61 hike at the last debate to cover "Paid Family Leave." His new plan he insisted would include a lowering of health care premiums by several thousand dollars for middle class Americans.

That was it. Hillary Clinton was off to the races and probably ensured herself an overall victory in the primary process. Clinton jumped all over Sanders forcing Americans to relaize that the country would have to re-litigate The Affordable Care Act all over again with the Republicans if Sanders were elected.

Sanders looked weakened on that South Carolina stage several times during the night. Hillary Clintons sharpened fangs came out several times for the kill on issues like guns and foreign poplicy, but it was health care that provided the opening.

It is apparent now that Mrs. Clinton's message is about embracing President Obama and an EVOLUTION of HIS policies and presidency and that Bernie Sanders message was, as he stated was about a "Revolution.

Hillary Clinton wants to help America EVOLVE and Sanders wants to tear down and start over the American economic system we now live in. Those are stark contrasts.

In my opinion, the Democratic Nomination was settled on that stage in South Carolina January 17th, but we have to let the electoral process play itself out. Clinton spoke to HER base which is considerably larger than Sander's.

It is still fun to watch.