Jan. 23, 2016

How The GOP & Dems Are Restructuring Their Parties

By Marc PLatt

If you want to know what know what a "2016 Version of The Civil War" looks like? Look no further than The GOP. This is what a war looks like right now. Donald Trump is an unstoppable force WITHIN the GOP Electoral process. The fact that he has now embraced his own brand of "Conservatism" and will likely make a total mockery of the electoral process and THEN shift like a jackrabbit towards the center to take on Hillary (the likely nominee) Clinton is the endgame.
The fact that America is made up of ALL SORTS of voters. Some are educated, some are gullible and some are apathetic. The next several months are more of a re-directory period for both parties.
Bernie Sanders is making a very strong showing and he is NOT even a Democrat. Donald Trump is making a very strong showing and he is not really a Republican. He USED to be a Democrat and has identified with many liberal-leaning policies even now.
When a bunch of neocon conservatives freak out and write an Anti-Trump manifesto in the National Review, it ONLY HELPS TRUMP MORE.
Middle America does not give a rats ass what Bill Kristol thinks. He is almost always WRONG. Even his followers know he rarely gets it right.
This edition is a joke, but very entertaining. Just because an argument SOUNDS right, does not make it right. Facts are important. You and I cannot cherry pick the truth. It is somewhere in between the left and the right.
Good luck everyone in electing nominees.
It certainly is interesting to watch the Democrats and Republicans restructure their parties for the post Obama world. That is really what is happening here.