Jan. 26, 2016

Putting The GOP Genie Back In The Bottle

By Marc Platt

I have been thinking about this upcoming Presidential election a lot for the past year. It is frigging crazy to think that Donald Trump could possibly be the nominee for the GOP.

The only path I see to changing the dynamic now is if Trump wins Iowa and we get a surprise runner-up like Rubio. and Cruz falls to third.

If Trump wins New Hampshire and John Kasich keeps improving and finishes a decent 2nd, THEN the GOP establishment coalesces around Kasich and a machine is built to support him as their candidate. That is the ONLY scenario I see happening to beat Trump. I don't believe people will unite around Jeb, Marco or the Bridge Guy.

Kasich is the obvious VP pick being a popular OHIO governor, but he may have a say in the outcome of these primaries. He is a bad joke-telling, but decent institutional-ist. After 7 years of racially-divided obstructionism I truly believe the GOP will ride through this crazy phase and put a moderate Republican on the top of the ticket. Kasich is the ONLY guy running with the credentials to actually do the job on the Republican side of the aisle.

Hillary seems to me to be the only candidate who will get 65 million or more votes. I really don't see Trump getting that many voters. I know the Reagan argument, but HE was a former California governor.

This makes sense in a year that doesn't make sense...