Feb. 10, 2016

After New Hampshire...GOP Nomination: The Race Is On

By Marc Platt

The people have spoken...Or have they?

This is how the Republican race to the nomination really looks to me after New Hampshire.

Donald Trump will keep spewing outrageous things that come off as "Nativism." Ted Cruz will keep saying right-wing conservative things to hold his part of the base. Jeb Bush and John Kasich will try to sound reasonable and "Governor"-type things. As long as Bush and Kasich can stay in the race and have enough money to get to Cleveland, they have a shot.

Trump and Cruz should battle this out all the way to the convention and as long as the four of them are in the race, there is a "HUGE" chance that we will see a contested convention.

This is all about delegates and how to get the necessary amount to win the nomination.

Bush and Kasich need to stick around and let Trump and Cruz battle this thing out.

No matter what happens, the GOP will be far right when the general election happens.

The Democrats are battling for the heart of THEIR party. Bernie Sanders is bringing THAT party far left. Hillary Clinton is being forced to drift towards his brand of socialism.

This is a fascinating thing to watch.