Feb. 13, 2016

What Scalia's Death Means to USA Politics

By Marc Platt

Antonin Scalia's death is a game changer in American politics. The US Supreme Court will now be evened out at 4 liberels and 4 conservatives. President Obama will come out with his nominee, who will be looked at as a sacrificial lamb with no chance of being confirmed.

Justice Kennedy becomes the KEY MEMBER of the current court. The cases this court had chosen to hear are significant. There are abortion, affirmative action and electoral matters slated to be heard. Kennedy could be the swing vote that keeps many of these cases from serving the conservative judicial aggenda Scalia so greatly championed.

Barack Obama has little, if any chance to get his potential nominee confirmed, which makes this election season even crazier as both sides will undoubtedly fund raise off his death and the importqance of getting a presidential candidate elected.

Ted Cruz wasted no time citing Scalia's death as a "most important" reason to get a Republican elected.

My prediction...America will have its highest general election turnout ever with the future of the US Supreme Court now the number one reason to get a new President elected for their side.

This will be a Battle Royale that will definitely help more establishment-type candidates. Keep an eye on Donald Trump's poll numbers as the sobering thought of him selecting the next justice sinks in to the voters of the deep south. Ted Cruz will be able to shore up his base. Jeb Bush and John Kasich will seem more reasonable to voters who thought they wanted change.

This development changes everything about this election cycle for the White House and US SEnate.