Feb. 23, 2016

I Have Faith in SCOTUS More Now than You Might Think

By Marc Platt

When Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia suddenly died, most people assumed that the highest court in the land would be in a state of flux. I beg to differ.

Anyone who knows anything about the make-up of the most recent court, would have to admit that the most powerful conservative voice was Antonin Scalia. He was the conservative force that Clarence Thomas followed like a puppy dog for decades.

Anthony Kennedy has been a swing vote on many perilous issues and has saved the liberals bacon several times in recent years.

Chief Justice John Roberts avoided a national disatster when he upheld most of President Obama's ambitious Affordable Care Act legislation.

The MOST severely conservative voice on the court is now history. Even with a 4-4 Supreme Court, they are now free to function without the pressure of Scalia to move them towards obscurity with so many decisions that have done damage like The Voting Rights Act and Heller (guns).

I understand that Roberts and other conservative voices on the court never liked the 1964-65 legislation, but they WILL have to move on that in the next few years, especially if the Democrats retain the White House.

There will also be abortion cases, guns, affirmative action, LGBT cases. Just watch how they function even with Republican obstruction.

It is only a hunch, but I believe the CURRENT SCOTUS will be much more conducive to doing the right thing with Scalia silenced.