Feb. 29, 2016

America: What Did You Expect?

By Marc Platt

We are in the final year of our first African American President's administration. The obstructionist Republicans who have blocked everything he has brought to congress is now coming to grips with a monster they allowed to be created through fear and racism.

Duh. Did you think this would go smoothly?

Campaigning through fear and ugly demagoguery will always result in candidates that will most likely govern the same way.

America is coming to grips with The Donald and his Muslim-hating, Mexican-baiting campaign that is now being embraced by the Klan. Senator Jeff Sessions, a man denied a federal judgeship due to his views on race has endorsed Trump, as has David Duke, a former Imperial Wizard of said Klan.

This has now become a reality. Trump is skating through the south, getting voters sympahtetic with these racially divisive attitudes and views. Trump and his fellow Republicans have demonized Obama for years and have skewed reality so much that it has become evident race is going to once again play a huge part of our electoral process.

The media has also played a part in this terrible onslaught of fear Trump and Cruz has been able to freely display.

The media has benefitted as much as anyone with ratings. The Trump phenomenum is a ratings bonanza because the public cannot get of the reality-star-turned-politician, who says whatever is on his mind. This act does not seem to get old, so they cover everything. Even the insults Marco Rubio and Trump lob at each other to try and nail down Super Tuesday.

Trump will likely be the nominee and will have to square off against Hillary Clinton. We may see an unprecedented amount of establishment Republicans endorse Clinton in a general election. Everyone seems to now be scared of a possible Trump Presidency.

Good luck America. I hope you do the right thing for everyone.