Mar. 17, 2016

GOP Re-Branding May Have Already Started

By Marc Platt

The chances of Donald Trump running as a third party candidate are gaining momentum by the day. The GOP is doing everything in their power to deny The Donald. They will change the GOP Convention Rules.
My prediction...Hillary Clinton WILL be #45, much the same way Bill became #42 with help from an interloper. The Donald's ego is so large, he will not be able to NOT run as a third party candidate and the GOP just will not be able to live with themselves as Trump as their standard bearer.
My belief is that the GOP bigwigs would rather hand the White House keys over to Hillary Clinton (who they know they can work with) than an unbalanced reality TV star.
There are so many forces going behind the scenes to reshape a party that has been hi-jacked by extremists since 2009. Look for the GOP to re-brand and start from scratch. It is their only hope for being able to govern.
This entire Supreme Court fiasco is not nearly as bad when you think that they would probably have run out the clock anyway. Garland will be confirmed during the lame duck session.
You would have to think McConnell can't be THAT stupid. He will have to back off and let the purple state senate candidates off the hook and support having hearings. At some point the GOP may back down and go through th eprocess, but then run the clock out to appease the base.