Mar. 31, 2016

Trump's Primary Pandering WILL Cost Him in a General Election

By Marc Platt

My belief that Donald Trump has no intention of actually BEING president looks to be true. The things he says and does will not fly with the overall electorate. This "Abortion" comment is just part of the mounting drip that will completely destroy what is left of the GOP.

I do feel sorry for my more conservative friends who have had to gradually back away from this party because of a buffoon like Trump.

This is a reality that started many decades ago as wages for angry white voters have not increased. Those are the voters who are speaking loudly in the primaries and making a Trump nomination possible. They are the ones who vote in these Republican primaries.

It is my belief that Trump doesn't believe half the things he says. He panders to the max whatever will get him votes.

This man LOVES running for president. Being president is a very different matter. If he runs third party (which is where this is heading)...Hello Hillary....That is what we are looking at here. Sanders (who I admire) will have a big say in the platform, but he has to win the next two primaries decisively. She is 30 points ahead in New York.