Apr. 5, 2016

It's Primary Reality Check Time People

By Marc Platt
The reality of this primary season mirrors 2008 in reverse for Clinton. Remember how Obama won often and early the big delegate states and was drawing "HUGE" crowds throughout the primary season, but it was Hillary winning a lot of later states, but could never quite catch up?
Remember that Hillary Clinton basically has the same squad backing her this time. The same people are helping HER win this next election.
That is called "Winning Politics." Her message is the weakest media-wise, but resonates with common folks who want to wake up every day knowing their president has a handle on things.
Free college, National Minimum Wage hikes, unrealistic health care programs all SOUND great, but still must pass through congress who control the purse strings on everything that happens in this country. Presidents cannot just sign orders all the time that magically make shit happen. Ask Obama, who has signed less of these than the demagogic GOP have tried to point out to an uncaring electorate. This electorate WANTS to believe the next president will wave his/her magic wand and make economic inequality and other issues disappear.
This is the reality we really live in people.