Apr. 26, 2016

No Bern Zone: The Revolution Ain't Gonna Happen

By Marc Platt

Why do you think the GOP has not run ONE negative ad against Bernie Sanders? Could it be they would LOVE to run against him?
If Hillary Clinton had written "masturbation" articles 40 years ago, do you think her opponents would have plastered the airwaves with those articles?

Is it possible the GOP and all the Super Pacs would reprint all of Sander's early 1970's articles, especially in the deep south.

Senator Sanders has skated through this process for a reason folks. No one has tried to dig up any dirt on him on the Democratic side of the aisle. That would not be the case if he were the nominee. Think this through. I am totally right about this.

BTW..It is completely reprehensible to campaign using these tactics and I would credit the Clinton campaign for doing the right thing. I know the other side would not be as chivalrous.