Apr. 28, 2016

Trump's Resurrection of "America First" is Dangerous Nativism

By Marc Platt
Rachel Maddow correctly pointed out last night (April 27)a very important point about Donald Trump's "Foreign Policy" speech in Washington. The speech was pointed at dissatisfied Americans who want their government to think about "America First." If you don't understand the Charles Lindberg "Isolationist Movement" of the late 1930's, than it sounds reasonable.
If Lindberg (a HUGELY popular figure) had his way, we would all be Nazis right now. America would have never entered WWII. Hitler would have destroyed England and made his way to America. That discredited "America First" slogan and political movement was unsuccessfully resurrected in 1992 when Pat Buchanan ran against Bush I and Bill Clinton.
Americans have a short memory and are slogan-friendly.
"America First" is a VERY dangerous way of thinking IMO. It isolates America from the rest of the world.
I just want my friends to think about this as the election cycle movesd along and Trump demonizes Obama and Hillary with these careless political slogans.
This is not about MY political ideology. This is about what America really stands for. Who are we? We are NOT "Isolationists."
Trump will not win in November, but he will certainly damage America on the world stage with his nonsensical word salad that means NOTHING. He talks of making deals with Russia, but fails to mention what deals. There is ZERO substance, just constant sloganeering. Please pay attention to WHAT this gut is saying and NOT saying. I feel that it is dangerous for our youth to get zero substance and only anger.