May. 14, 2016

Why Al Franken Makes Sense For VP Spot

By Marc  Platt

There will be a lot of speculation over the spring and early summer until Hillary Clinton names her running mate.

I will make my case for progressive Democrat Minnesota US Senator Al Franken.

1. Franken is "Ready For Hillary" and has worked well in the US Senate with fellow progressives Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. He can also work with Republicans, just like current VP Joe Biden did for decades in the senate.

2. Bill Clinton chose Tennessee Senator Al Gore to be his VP. That gives us a glimpse into the way the Clintons thing about governance. Franken would give Hillary Clinton a front row seat into a US Senate that could likely go blue in the fall. Franken is known as a sharp-witted progressive who can play ball with everyone.

3. Franken is NOT a camera whore. He has done relatively few interviews during his time in the US Senate. 

4. He knows show business like the back of his hand and could defuse Donald Trump throughout the fall campaign. Franken will utterly frustrate Trump on the stump and should be able to keep him busy as the Democrats serve a huge can of whoopass on these amateurs.

5. This is where is gets a little complex, but hang with me...Bernie Sanders will want some concessions in order to get his full support. You have been hearing stories of "Platform Policies" etc...The Democratic Platform is a useless document. Hillary Clinton can give Sanders something much more valuable. A running mate with progressive bonafides. 

Once Franken becomes US Vice President, he will have to be replaced in the senate by his DEMOCRATIC Governor Mark Dayton. Hmm. Who would replace Franken? How about Progressive Bernie Sanders supporter and Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison? That would make Bernie pretty happy, right?

If you are thinking Sherrod Brown, you would run into Republican Governor John Kasich who would be able to apoint any one of three Democrats put up for the seat. Cory Booker from New Jersey..Ahem...Chris Christie is (for now) the Republican governor.

I am using Hillary Clinton's past associations as a springboard for my thinking. There is no doubt in my mind that Hillary had something to do with the selection of Senator Al Gore in 1992 as her husband's running mate. I would think she would stick with a similar formula in 2016 in a Democratic Party that has been driven to the far left by Bernie Sanders.

Al Franken is the logical choice. The question is whether Senator Franken WANTS the job.