May. 20, 2016

Dems Surrogates v. The Donald = Hillary 2016

By Marc Platt
May 20, 2016

Let us fast forward to August, September and October 2016. The political conventions will be over with those natural poll bumps. Donald Trump will be going across the country with HIS message of fear-mongering, zenophobia, sexism and Hillary bashing. He will have Chris Christie, Batshit crazy Senator Jeffrey Sessions (Alabama), Bobby Knight and possibly Ted Nugent all supporting their man.

Hillary Clinton will have Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and daughter Hillary Clinton at her events.

My question to you is what OTHER extraordinary things can Trump add to his arsenal to go with: The Wall, Banning Muslims and Punishing Women for their abortions that will capture the hearts and souls of women, African Americans, Asians and Latinos that will gain him the keys to the Oval Office?

What exactly does The Donald have to offer American going forward that gives our citizens hope?

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama (and now Bernie Sanders) are among the best political campaigners of the last several generations. Warren is a powerful voice for progressives and an able attack dog against Donald Trump.

After the smoke clears from Cleveland and Philly and those spectacles, the Presidential Polls will normalize and the REAL Polls (The States) will start to paint a true picture of the U.S.A. electorate will become evident.

Trump is in WAY over his head and the world will see that.

States like Utah which is so Republican will swing towards Clinton. Trump got trounced there by Ted Cruz. Mitt Romney has a lot of pull there.

If we all think this through, we will likely come to the conclusion that angry, disenfranchised (and dying off) white Americans do not elect presidents anymore. The afformentioned groups do.

Let me leave you with this one thought.

When Ronald Reagan won the White House in 1980, minorities comprised 15% of the overall electorate. It is now 30%.

Game, Set and Match...Hillary wins in November.