May. 26, 2016

Why Is Trump Running?

By Marc Platt

Donald J. Trump on being in politics (5/26/16): "I'm in real estate, my father was in real estate. He must be looking down and saying what is this?"
Exactly. This is the point of his entire candidacy. He is going out and "ACTING" like a reality TV star running for president. He tries to destroy everything in his path. He is willing to debate Bernie Sanders because it would be a ratings bonanza.
His children are now running Trump Enterprises. He is a star. He can rail on Obama, Bernie and Hillary and control news cycles, something he is great at. He can deflect with BS excuse about releasing his taxes. That will NEVER happen. There is no way The Donald wants the public to know how much he REALLY has and what associations he has.
America needs to wake up and understand what this guy is really trying to accomplish. The way he talks about issues (as Obama and many others have pointed out) is so uneducated. He knows nothing about foreign policy. He seems to comprehend little about the economy.
Don't you believe the network debate moderators will get to the bottom of this in the fall? The favorable GOP Debate set-up played right into his wheelhouse. A general election is a different beast altogether. Just ask Paul Ryan (2012) and Sarah Palin (2008) in their VP debates against Biden. They were exposed for their lack of knowledge. Does anyone think The Donald can survive debating real issues with Bernie or Hillary?