Jun. 1, 2016

Is The Donald a Deadbeat Cad?

By Marc Platt

There are a lot of articles being written about Republican Presidential Presumptive Nominee Donald J. Trump's finances. Rightfully so.

His financial success is the basis of his candidacy. This man is now walking a tightrope that could really pull the plug on not just his campaign, but his career.

I have been doubting since Day 1 that he really wants to be POTUS. Now I am wondering if he is sane. The fact that he has so many shady dealings like his phony university, steak company, vitamin company, etc. makes his candidacy dicey at best once the press has vetted him financially.

He won't divulge his taxes. He won't comment on his court case. He attacks the press when they ask him to verify whether he actually came through paying out that money to the veterans in a timely manner after boasting of raising 6 million bucks. The checks WERE written May 24, the very day the press came out with stories questioning his legitimacy as a fundraiser.

I think it is great that the money WAS raised, but that is not the issue. There will be NO TRANSPARENCY in a Donald Trump presidency.

I think Trump's real problem will be not losing everything he has built his "House of Cards" on when the press is finished with him. Forget Hillary Clinton, she is the least of his problems. The national AND international press is going to do a number on him.

He is toast.

It couldn't happen to a nicer reality tv guy.