Jun. 6, 2016

The Trump Brand v The Candidate Trump

By Marc Platt

Follow along...This will all start to make sense in a moment.

Why does Donald Trump say and do outrageous things? Coming off as a racist, narcisist and xenophobic moron?

You could come up with a ton of reasons easily, but I truly believe there is one reason and one reason only.

This man is HIDING something that he does want exposed in his tax statements. 

Everytime the press and Hillary Clinton hammers Trump about releasing his taxes, he comes up with crazy shit that gets everyone talking for days and weeks on end. He stays in the national conversation without spending a dime on advertising because he has NO MONEY. He can't raise the necessary money to properly fund his campaign.

His hotels are empty. No one is BUYING the Trump brand in the marketplace right now. His family is freaking out as th ehotels are 70% empty since he announced.

If he were to risk exposure by releasing his taxes, it would truly be over. The ONE YEAR of financial disclosure (2014) showed that he made a whopping $14,000 from 'The Apprentice' TV salary. That is just one small clue.

Do you really think he is worth over $10 billion in PERSONAL wealth? Trump University is the tip of the iceberg. EVERY TIME his opponents start to get close on the financial part of this equation, he blasts off with racist remarks. He already knows the world thinks he is a bigotted racist. That apparently doesn't matter to this man.

The main question I have is can The Donald keep this up all the way until that first Tuesday in November?