Jun. 10, 2016

My Trump Prediction: He Will Quit

By Marc Platt

Political Thought:
13 million primary voters have exercised their privilege and duty to make Donald J. Trump the presumptive nominee of a fractured Republican Party.
The most-powerful Republican elected leaders cannot take him down without his consent.
The national media didn't create Trump, they exploited his brand for their own purposes and are now dissecting him piece by piece. The drip drip drip of his unavoidable demise will keep dribbling out until HE decides to exit this surreal stage.
I still truly believe he will get out of this race before the American people absolutely speak their true minds in what would promise to be a Goldwater-esque trouncing. Donald Trump will never allow himself to be "BRANDED" a loser like John McCain, Mitt Romney and other "LOSERS" as he calls them did before him.
My friends and family think I'm crazy for continually saying that he will get out, but I truly believe this man is too thick-skinned and truly does not want this job.
The only person I have felt was equally as unqualified was Sarah Palin in 2008 when she helped to spawn what would become the Tea Party and the rise of The Donald.
When does he leave? When Hillary Clinton is up 20 points in the polls? Does Trump even go to Cleveland?
You bet he will. He will go the convention, because THAT is what he thrives on. A chance to be on the biggest stage.
So...Here I go again...He gets the nomination and puts on a show and bows out sometime after Cleveland. That makes sense to me. Donald Trump head-to-head, mano-a-mano with Hillary Clinton in a general election debate...I don't see it.