Jun. 29, 2016

Trump Branding: How To Get Attention Ugly Style

By Marc Platt


I am one of those people who watch politics all the time. I write about it. I worked on Bill Clinton's 1992 primary campaign in the spring of that year, so I have an awareness about "Presidential Branding."
I have written a ton of Trump blog posts since he announced this circus of a campaign. I read a lot of differing views from people on the left, right and center.
No one in their right mind could support torture and waterboarding, a wall, mass deportation.
There have been many stories this past year about HOW Trump came to the decision to run as a Republican. The PR woman who he brought in early on asked him what his intentions were. He told her he hoped to get to 12% in the polls, dominate some news cycles and then go back to The Apprentice with a bigger audience. The woman also mentioned that Trump listened to a lot of right wing radio for a few weeks and noticed what was making the far right turned on so much...Immigration, ISIS and Jobs going away were the big three....
This is all you need to know about the Donald J. Trump campaign. He has dominated news cycles, driving up ratings for news outlets ever since. He has spent NO REAL MONEY, but managed to stay relevant with "Waterboarding & Torture," "Muslim Bans," "Mass Deportation" and whatever else he calculates will get him free media and move the polls.
I will once again state IMO he does NOT want to be president. He loves the attention.
I don't know HOW he will exit the stage, but I really can't see a man who knows nothing about governance and seems to have no desire to really govern will be our next president.
I also don't believe he is a fascist, homophobic, Xenophobic or racist. I believe he USES these to gin up the base. Look for a big show in Cleveland and then some sort of big show leaving the general election.
Call me crazy, but my instincts tell me this is what is happening here