Jul. 7, 2016

GOP Convention: Trump is a Clown, Expect a Circus

By Marc Platt

Remember June15, 2015 when Donald Trump paid people to attend his announcement to run for President of the USA?

That was just the first of what was to be hundreds of circuses. Each Trump rally has its share of white supremacists, racist, bigots and gun rights freaks. He refers to black attendies as "My African American."

Trump's call to action items like "The Wall," "Muslim Ban" and my personal favorite "Get him out" when someone protests at these rallies. It is almost like a mantra.

In Cleveland, there will be loud and boisterous screaming on the convention floor and thousands more outside protesting. It will be political armagedon, as Trump revels in his Archie Bunker-like glory.

We will hear speakers like Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric...Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie and Scott Walker....Don King and Duck Dynasty Guy...Who knows?

If you have ever watched an Infomercial featuring Donald Trump, you may get a clue of the look and feel of this spectacle in red, white and the blues. There will be divisive dis-unity with the "Never Trump" underbelly speaking to media outlets.

Let us just hope that we don't see riots reminiscent of Chicago, 1968 when the Democrats hand-picked Humphrey to carry the fight to Nixon, just narrowly missing out.

Yes my friends...This will be a circus with its clown ringleader Donald J. Trump at the helm.