Jul. 14, 2016

How The Political Media Has Failed 2016 Election Cycle

Commentary by
Marc Platt

I want to start with the Democrats and how the media has failed to reveal the true story about Hillary Clinton's "Email" issues. When I hear Morning Joe rail on Clinton day after day, reinforcing Director Jim Comey's blistering non-indictment, I want to tear my hair out.

  • Let me start with the FACT that previous Secretary of States Powell and Rice BOTH had their own private accounts.
  • HRC never sent or recieved emails that were MARKED classified and then opened or sent those emails.
  • HRC received emails that had CLASSIFIED MARKINGS inside the emails. In other words there could have been a sentence with (C) INSIDE the email. This is what Comey and House Republicans are yakking about. They are saying because emails sent and received from her accounts had these (C) markings, she was putting America at risk.

Give me a frigging break. This is complete and utter crap and EVERY news outlet that doesn't point this fact out every time this issue comes up should be reprimanded.

Hillary Clinton has explained and apologized for this for two years. Joe and Mika, as well as other shows and outlets helped bring us The Donald and have gone out of their way to "Be Fair" to both sides by railing on Clinton on this matter. Bernie Sanders completely understands what Secreatary Clinton did and did not do and to his credit, never made this an issue. That shows complete integrity.

This is very wonky stuff and Joe Scarborough, Mika, Mike Barnacle, Chris Matthews, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer and ALL the Fox "News" people have been remiss in discussing exactly WHAT Clinton did.

The State Department's email server has been hacked SEVERAL times over the years and Comey admitted under oath that Clinton's server was NOT compromized. I am not giving her a pass at all. What she did was wrong, but NOT disqualifying at all.

I have written so much on Trump over the past two years, but will repeat that all media outlets that have raked in fortunes in advertising and ratings bonanzas are what has given America the disgusting Trump candidacy in oodles of free media.

The Morning Joe TV Show was the trailblazer in Trumpness. Their show was in serious trouble until Trump bailed them out in June, 2015. I love the show, but have to point out that they were "H-U-G-E" Trump supporters in the sense that they brought him on all the time and gave him that first real platform that all the other news organizations followed down the rabbit hole the country now finds itself in.

Neither Joe or Mika supports Trump's candidacy as voters. They have been fair about pointing out his deficiencies and racism, but they KNOW they helped move their "Friend" along with a releationship that goes back many years.

We already know Fox News is the platform Trump now uses, because MSNBC and CNN have not been Trump-friendly in the way he insists at this point.

It is a mess.

Hillary Clinton will/would defeat Trump in the end because of demographics and basic math. There are not enough white people in America to elect a xenphobic, racist president.

There are several reporters like MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Lawrence O'Donnell who HAVE explained what Clinton did with her emails and have gone into the weeds about Trump's excesses from the start.

I hope after this is all over, the media takes a long look in the mirror and makes a decision on HOW we should cover these long election cycles in the future.