Jul. 20, 2016

COuld Trump Be Doing GOP A "H-U-G-E" Favor?

Commentary by
Marc Platt

Do we really know ANY successful businessmen and women like we think we know Donald J. Trump? Can we do a psychological assessment that truly nails down what motivates successful people in American society?

I have been adamant that Trump really does not want to be President of the USA since he got into the race. I have felt his motivations were purely monetary and branding issues which could launch the next big scam, or whatever he really had cooking.

I will put on my cheap psychology cap once again as I try to piece the Trump puzzle together now that he has made it to Cleveland and successfully been nominated by his party to represent the GOP in November against Hillary Clinton.

Trump has repeatedly told friends for years that he wanted to try "That big thing" when asked if he wanted to run for governor of New York, or any other political endeavor. RUNNING for President is a lot different than BEING US President. He is very good at running for this office. I will give him that, but he is far lacking in several key areas that are necessary to actually win an election to govern ALL of America.

Trump has wanted so badly to be invited into the club, that he has been willing to risk the country's future by hijacking a political party to make his point.

Building walls, banning Muslims, carpet bombing Middle East Regions to eliminate "Radical Islamic Terrorists" and throwing Hillary Clinton in jail for mismanagement of her State Department emails is the basis of his campaign. Not a lot of positive hope and change for America and teh rest of the world.

I buried the lead on purpose.

Now let me get to my point. Trump is going to lose. He is going to lose this general election in such a huge way, it defies imagination why he would even want to subject himself to "The Loser" label that he will be tagged with after the November 8th general election. The sheep following him over the cliff will all lose in ways they can't comprehend at this point because they didn't stop him when they could.

Paul Ryan will NEVER be forgiven by his base and the more moderate elements in his party for letting this sham campaign put his house members in a tight spot. Just watch how the reality of minority voters NOT EVER supporting this man affects the down ballot candidates.

Mitch McConnell will lose his grasp on the US Senate and Hillary Clinton will be very wary of working with him after the crap he has pulled in this cycle, especially his disrespect for President Obama's duty and authority to replace Scalia with his own nominee Judge Garland.

The Republican Party will have to completely remake itself when then lose all these elections in a wave election cycle. This is an election the GOP should have won. You rarely see a third term, especially in a divided country, but Trump is so far underwater with various voter groups like women, Asians, latins and Millennials. There are not enough old white guys in the country to elect Trump and he knows it. His polls remain around 40-42% while Hillary Clinton's poll numbers fluctuate with the email issues, etc...

I do NOT expect Trump to get a large bump after this disastrous RNC with death, hate and plagiarism charges alsong with campaign disunity running rampant.

Donald J. Trump will bleed out if he sticks around and take the GOP with him. Take that to the bank.